INTERVIEW of John Lipsky – Economist [english]

John Lipsky spent 15 years at the IMF.
He is currently a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

A new model for global economic and financial governance, the lack of confidence in Economic policies and Greece’s economic outlook are the main topics tackled by John Lipsky in this interview.

INTERVIEW of Tatsuo Masuda – Nagoya University of Commerce and Business [english]

Tatsuo MASUDA is professor at the Graduate School of Nagoya University of Commerce and Business and member of the World Economic Forum.

He explains the concept of New Energy Architecture and allows himself to dream about a brighter future where economic growth, sustainability and affordability would be combined.

July, 5th


INTERVIEW of Yossi Vardi – Chairman of International Technologies [english]

Yossi VARDI is the Chairman of International Technologies. Known as the « Godfather of Israel’s hi-tech industry », he gives the key to startup success.Organizer of the Kinnernet unconferences », he explains the importance of an « put of the box » way of dealing with economic matters.

Yossi VARDI est le président d’International Technologies. Considéré comme le « Pape » de la High Tech en Israël, il livre sa recette pour réussir dans le domaine des Start-up.Il évoque également la nécessité de penser les conférences économiques actuelles différemment, en « sortant du cadre ».

Interview réalisée le 4 juillet 2014 dans le cadre des Rencontres Economiques


Photo à la une: Nick Wilson