Travelogue – What San Diego ‘Museum of Man’ taught me about Torture

Ok, so this is not really a « travelogue » piece, but it has to do with my journey to Mexico, so let’s keep the title that way. Every tourist who went to San Diego will tell you the very same thing: you have to go to the Balboa Park. Apart from many palmtrees, some Japanese weird fish, two or three turtles and lots of birds (and green, green everywhere), you will find all the museums you need to see. Most of them close around 4 or 5 pm. The only one that stays open later is the Museum of Man, so I went for it… and I must say: no regrets. For 20 bucks, you get to see the museum (check out that Beerology part!) and the exhibition called « Instruments of Torture ». That’s the one I wanted to talk to you about. Because it actually shows more than some random ancient instruments of torture. It makes you think about it. Here’s an overview.

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